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Via Hellenica 18/9/2017 - 27/9/2017

da 18 a 27 Settembre 2017
Via Hellenica
Luogo: Greece - Greece
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The Via Hellenica Classic. In 2015 we held the Via Hellenica Pre War. It was a great success, just judge by yourself, have a look here on the website under former rallies. For 2017 we will be inviting classic cars up to 1974 for a similar rally. Without stopping at every excavation, the rally will inevitably visit some of the cultural highlights of Greece’s old history. See the rally route section. Those who wish so can take the motorail from Düsseldorf to Verona on Friday September 15. It is a beautiful drive of less than 400 km to Ancona. The ferry will be leaving the next Sunday. The ferry will bring the cars to Patras, where the rally will officially begin on September 18, 2017. The rally will first be going along the coast of the Peloponnese, via Olympia to the south with its medieval fortresses. Via small villages, it will then be going back north over the mountain roads towards Nafplio. We stay two nights in Nafplio so that you have time to visit the incredibly well preserved amphitheatre of Epidaurus or the fortfications of Mycenae, dating back to the 2nd centyry B.C. We cross the strait of Corinth and once on the main land we leave the lovely coastal roads for the mountains. We visit the Oracle of Delphi and proceed over increasingly small mountain roads towards the Meteora Cloisters. The last day we drive towards Igoumenitsa where we take the night ferry back to Ancona. We will be arriving there on Thursday September 28. On Saturday you can take the motorail back from Verona to Düsseldorf. Depending on the road conditions the rally will do some 130 to 220 km a day. The accommodations, especially those on the coast are superb. There is a limited availability for 25 participating classic cars.

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