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Prezzo:€ 28500
Inserito il:20/10/2011
Email:[email protected]
Contattare:  Bahnhofstr.
Superstrada Tony Erker
0041713940323 parla inglese

DeTomaso Deauville, autom, mod1972, first series, V8 ,5769cc, 330HP,
Dallara designed the structure and suspension, the car has an Ford C6 Automatic
and the rear transaxle of Jaguar. Tom Tjaarda at Carrozzeria Ghia did the design.
The Model has a comeback at Autoshow Geneve 2011.

This is a Series I Deauville 1971 with VIN number 1070 and is a second owner car.
The car has been resprayd at some point but both owners kept the car into a heated garage so NO rust at all everAll crome parts are shiny as brand new.The car was taken care once a year by AUTOGLYM specialists once a year.Front and rear glass rubbers were replaced but with original ones.As well front and rear lights were replaced. The exausts were replaced recently with a cost of 2.000Eur with original ANSA. All wooden parts were polished and rebuilt were necessary.All instruments work as they should. Original analogue series one clock. NARDI steering wheel was fitted.Wheel badges were also replaced with new ones. Oil pump replacement. Steering box ReplacementRecent Collars and cam belts replacement. Full service 15 days ago. Fully rebuilt of the carbs with HOLLEY kit.
With the car the new owner will receive 6 boxes of spare parts brand new and used. Some of them are: Original steering wheel,Βrake disks, Steering box, Oil Pump, Carburator Cylinder head, Springs, Εxternal mirror brand new, Clock ( digital from SERIES II brand new ) Rear Badges DETOMASO and DEAUVILLE brand new, Original piece of beige leather identical to the interior ) for possible future replacement
and many many other parts.

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