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PORSCHE (D) 356 B 1600 S (90 CV)

PORSCHE (D) 356 B 1600 S (90 CV)
356 B 1600 S (90 CV) PORSCHE (D)
Prezzo:€ 112500
Inserito il:2/3/2013
Email:[email protected]
Contattare:  Superstrada Tony Erker

Porsche 356 Drauz Roadster. Drauz built in the years 1960, 1961 the roadster model. This is a development of the speedster with more comfortable seats, with curb windows, and 3 motor variants. The offered car has 90hp.The Roadster is a two seater and has a lower windshield than the Cabriolet and is condition 2 -. The Roadster is since 30 years in one hand.

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