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PORSCHE (D) 356 B 1600 (60 CV)

PORSCHE (D) 356 B 1600 (60 CV)
356 B 1600 (60 CV) PORSCHE (D)
Prezzo:€ 42000
Inserito il:30/1/2013
Email:[email protected]
Contattare:  Tony Erker Superstrada
50126 Bergheim

Porsche 356 BT5 in good condition,Interior is changed, very good en solid body.79.317 miles original and about 71 invoices sice 1969 with on each invoice stand of the miles.Build in 1960 and first registration in 1961 Chassisnumber 113.945 and one of the 4.412 who were build in 1960 from 110.238 till 114.650,Original engine with number 604.309 and all number are from 601.501 till 604.700The only and only think who has to be redone is the underside of the doors Left and right side. Otherwise no rust ! and very solid Floor.

The car is in Europe

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