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Malta Classic 10/10/2018 - 14/10/2018

da 10 a 14 Ottobre 2018
Malta Classic
Luogo: Malta - Malta
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The Malta Classic is a four-day classic car event celebrating vintage style against an historic backdrop. On Day One, the Malta Classic opens with the Hill Climb: a pure adrenaline rush of cars racing to climb a magnificent limestone hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. On Day Two, the Malta Classic Concours dElegance by Mdina Glass celebrates the power and beauty of classic cars in the heart of Mdina. Select car collectors are invited to unveil true automotive gems for the delight of visitors. Entertainment, period dress and refreshments make the Concours dElegance a main feature On Day Three the challenging circuit outside Mdinas fortified walls awaits. Cars are put to the test on a track of tight bends, sweeping curves and inclines that wind their way through a valley of vineyards and terraced hills outside Mdina. Fast, accelerating and beautifulThe Malta Classic Grand Prix is loved by drivers and spectators alike. Day Three comes to a close with timed drives to determine the starting order of Sundays grid. On Day Four the real racing begins. Packs of 8 to 10 cars take to the circuit in a thrilling race to the finish line, as the unforgiving nature of the Malta Classic circuit brings out the very best of performance by both drivers and their classic racing automobiles.

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