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Driver's Rally Chamonix 15/6/2022 - 19/6/2022

da 15 a 19 Giugno 2022
Driver's Rally Chamonix
Luogo: Chamonix Mont-Blanc - Italy
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Prezzo di iscrizione: 3.200

From Wednesday 15 to Sunday 19 June 2022, head for Chamonix to enjoy an ever-so friendly rally at the very heart of the Alps, across France, Italy and Switzerland! The 1st Chamonix Drivers Rally, organized by part of the legendary 24-hour Chamonix Ice Race team will whisk you off through magical scenescapes and across the mythical mountain passes of the Mont Blanc massif. This rally, with its incredible days and amazing social get-togethers at night, invites you to rediscover the 24-hour Chamonix Ice Race spirit in the company of enthusiasts and drivers who have left their mark on this event!

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