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12H de Huy Revival 7/9/2013

7 Settembre 2013
12H de Huy Revival
Luogo: Belgium - Belgium
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The "Douze heures de Huy" (Huy Twelve-Hours Race) is part of Belgian automobile history, in the same way as the "Lige-Rome-Lige", the "Marathon de la Route" or the "Tour de Belgique" races. And forty years after it last took place, the event remains very much part of the collective memory.

The re-organisation of this classic automobile sports event would only make sense if conducted in a true spirit of "Revival": old-style card-punching in village bistros, cars no more recent than 1969, publication of the route in the local press, and above all, the return to a single person on board category! After all, this is what distinguishes the "Douze heures de Huy" from all other rallies ever organised.

This renewal is therefore being conducted with respect for the spirit and sporting code of that bygone era. Naturally, we hope that the Douze heures de Huy race will once again find its strong identity and that drivers both experienced and amateur will be attracted to it for its quality and originality, and above all for the pleasure of reviving the classic Douze heures de Huy race

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