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Via Iberica Pre War 4/6/2017 - 12/6/2017

da 4 a 12 Giugno 2017
Via Iberica Pre War
Luogo: Spain - Spain
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The Pilgrim Rally from Picos de Europa to Santiago de Compostela. The Via Iberica will be starting at the Rolls Royce collection founded by Mr. Miguel de la Via. The 45 cars are exhibited in the castle which Mr. de la Via helped reconstruct himself. The collection is not far from the ferry ports from Bilbao and Santander with direct connection to Plymouth and Portsmouth. The Via Iberica is open for pre-war cars and cars designed before the war. Over the course of 9 days we will be covering 1750 km over some of the most fantastic roads Spain has to offer. We follow the pilgrim’s road to Santiago de Compostela and stay in the most fascinating Paradors. The Via Iberica takes a slow pace, allowing for the occasional stop for a picture or a cup of coffee. We spend quite some time discovering the Picos de Europa, admiring this wonderful mountainous formation from every possible angel. The roads stay friendly even for pre-war cars, traffic is quasi-absent and navigation easy. After five days we arrive in Santiago de Compostela where we stay in de Parador on the main square, across from the Cathedral where the remains of the apostle St. James are said to be kept. We have a spare day in Santiago de Compostela so that we can inhale the atmosphere of this ancient city. The finish is two days driving to the East, at the highest point of the Picos de Europa at Fuente Dé. We suggest that you do not leave immediately but first take the cable car to the top and admire the astonishing sight. You are not far from Santander or Bilbao where you can take the ferry back to the United Kingdom. For participants from Belgium and Holland we will be considering the possibility of a trucking the cars to the Bilbao airport.

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