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Ennstal-Classic 18/7/2018 - 21/7/2018

da 18 a 21 Luglio 2018
Luogo: Austria - Austria
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Our Philosophy

The days of the Ennstal-Classic bring the old cars to their boarders and their drivers find out what is possible on today’s streets with their cars from yesterday. No electronic devices, only analogue watches. Who takes part in our event experiences a feeling of success which is unique. To drive the Ennstal also means to integrate oneself into a network of friendship.

Up to 53 different car brands are represented every year. This diversity is very important to us. Very special cars with a very special “curriculum vitae” which represented milestones of technique at their times.

Driving in the last paradise

They still exist and we drive them: the last light traffic streets of the Alp-regions. Driving like 50 years ago is what it is all about. An art that is reanimated at the Ennstal-Classic. Were do the participants of the Ennstal-Classic find the last paradise? They do on the beautiful Alp roads as well as on the enchanted passes either driven in the early morning – to gain the strength for the 12-hour Orange Marathon, or in the evening when the finish is near.

It is also the enthusiastic spectators in the leg villages along the route that hand over their love for nostalgy to the participants. Adventure is constantly aboard: when the region becomes lonelier and the headlights are sitched on. When the hundredth speed on the stop watch, the eyes of the co-driver stick to the roadbook, those of the driver to the oil-pressure gauge. When thunderstorms arise and try to displace the participants from paradise.

It is the mixture: paradise times sporty challenge times adventure equals a product charged with emotions – an event that has become cult during the last 18 years – the Ennstal-Classic.

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