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CONCOURS D'ELEGANCE SUISSE 19/6/2018 - 24/6/2018

da 19 a 24 Giugno 2018
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COPPET, VD – 23, 24 & 25TH OF JUNE 2017



Coppet, 18 April 2017 – Following the success of the first edition,

which was quite a hit, Mathias Doutreleau, co-founder of the Concours

d’Élégance Suisse, is staging a second lap, this year paying homage

to the incredible Juke Box era with cars dating from 1945 to 1960.

Organised in compliance with the official rules governing the leading

classic car shows, this second Concours d’Élégance will once again

take up residence in the gardens of the Château de Coppet from 23 to

25 June 2017. All aboard!

The 2016 edition set the tone! The Concours d’Élégance Suisse, which

attracted more than 2,300 visitors last June, will be putting a splendid range

of vehicles on display this year over a three-day period, from 23 to 25 June

2017. And to make the event even more spectacular, you can give full rein to

your creativity by opting for period dress, hairstyle and accessories.

“Always from a perspective of paying tribute to the historical and cultu-
ral heritage of the motor industry, and to bring back to life the tradition

of the Geneva Concours d’Élégance, we give the public the opportunity to

marvel at beautiful examples of automobile engineering that are rarely

put on show”, explains Mathias Doutreleau, director of the event. Having

devised one of the most coveted shows in the United States, “The Quail, A

Motorsports Gathering”, in 2003, the collector has managed to enlist the

participation on his panel of judges of such illustrious names as Adolfo

Orsi as president (member of the jury of the Ville d’Este Concours

d’Élégance) and Ed Gilbertson, honorary president (honorary judge of the

Pebble Beach Concours d’Élégance).

Photo : Cyril Perregaux

©Photograph by Michael Furman

[email protected]

+41 22 320 4678



23-25 JUIN 2017

Avec le soutien de la

Commune de Coppet


Almost seventy rare classic cars will be on display during the festivities

in the grounds of the Château de Coppet. Collectors, enthusiasts and

car lovers will have the chance to wonder at the splendid curves of the

Hispano-Suiza models, the Italian class of the Ferraris or stately gems

from the Juke Box era, vehicles that are being showcased in this second

edition of the Show. As well as admiring these veritable masterpieces from

the last century, the public will also be able to browse around the various

pavilions set up by the partners in attendance, which will be arranged in the

area around the lawn, and exchange thoughts and views over the gleaming

cylinders of these classy machines. Indeed, mechanical engineering as an

art will be brought to the fore, demonstrating that the end result in the

form of such enchanting cars has called for the time, meticulousness and

know-how of a great many artisans. Just like the panel of judges, visitors

will thus have the opportunity to scrutinise down to the very last detail

each vehicle’s authenticity, rarity, original condition or specific restorations

made to it.


For three days competitors, owners and enthusiastic lovers of period

vehicles will be able to get together and share their passion for classic cars.

The festivities will kick off on Friday 23 June with the traditional Tour

d’Élégance (“a Drive in Style”), which will take competitors along the shore

of Lake Geneva. At 8.00 p.m. the inaugural party will have some surprises

in store, with a “chic workshop” atmosphere where artisans and mechanics

will welcome guests in their den devoted to period hackney carriages. In a

jazzy, Dance Hall atmosphere, the participants in the show and a number

of hand-picked guests will be greeted in an unusual venue in the centre of

Geneva. On Saturday 24 June the exhibited vehicles will be examined in

great detail by the panel of judges made up of members of the International

Chief Judge Advisory Group and leading figures from the motor industry

and related sectors. This exclusive preview, reserved for participants and

special guests, will be rounded off with the Collectors’ Dinner served at the

Four Seasons Hôtel des Bergues in Geneva.


The motorised divas accepted as competing in the show will be divided

up into eighteen special categories. Last year’s show was a celebration of

the Pop Art years (1960-1970), a modern era that won over the panel of

judges which awarded the Best of Show Trophy to a car from the 1970s,

an exceptional Lamborghini Miura SV. This year star billing goes to cars

from the Juke Box years of 1945 to 1960, which will be the showpieces for

this edition. The contrast in styles between Europe and the New World

promises a range of styles and colours. In observance of the traditional

charter governing concours d’élégance for pre-1975 cars, these vehicles, all

of them equally remarkable, will be judged just like all other cars, bringing

to the fore their authenticity and the original condition of the vehicle.

By way of a reminder, the panel of judges will judge each car according to

the following criteria : its authenticity, its rarity, its historical interest, the

quality of its restoration or of its state of preservation, its elegance.

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